Amateur Radio Repeater Map for Utah

Thanks to the The Utah VHF Society for providing the data for this map. See the same data in list form on their web site here.

Map Background

The above is a map of the repeaters listed in the Utah VHF Society repeater list. The map is generated dynamically using the "raw" database (see: and it is integrated into Google maps using JavaScript running in your web browser. Note that in some cases the database lists repeaters with no latitude nor longitude information included. In these cases, the repeater is not shown on the map but the total number of sites missing this information is listed at the bottom of the map. Your help in getting latatitude and longitude information for all repeaters is appreciated.

To use the map, simply click and drag with your mouse to change the area that is shown or use the navigation icons in the top right corner of the map. You can also use the navigation icons to zoom in and out. To get more information about a repeater, click on the marker and a pop-up balloon will show more information about the it. In the balloon, click the call sign to bring up a web page with details about the repeater. Also, the names are listed on the right side ordered by frequency output. Click on any one to shift the map to that point.

If you have any corrections or suggestions for this page please feel free to send them to me. If you have corrections for the data from the original repeater list provided by the Utah VHF Society please contact the Utah Frequency Coordinator. Details are here

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